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I have been having this kidney problem, I used to be very weak and could hardly walk without support. Sometimes I would become very weak and feel very sick, it usually happened in the evening and I would have to be rushed to hospital, often collapsing along the way. I was being managed at National Hospital and taking dialysis every other day. Someone recommended Cellgevity to me and I started taking it. This Cellgevity is wonderful, the first thing I noticed when I started taking it is strength, I started feeling stronger, then my health improved, and the crisis stopped. I can move about without help now and I drive myself now too. I now do dialysis only once a week, and only because my Doctor said I should.

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I was diagnosed with type two diabetes and was put on medication. I experienced tiredness, low energy, inability to stand for long, asthma, and inability to continue daily exercises that I have been doing since 1998. I was in despair until I was introduced to Cellgevity and my life changed.

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